Success Story

Growing up in Syria, I have always wanted to study engineering, specifically related to satellites and outer space applications.After graduating from Al-Basel high school for honored students in 2008, ... Continue reading

Hisham Ezzaldeen Astronaut engineer

I studied pharmacy at the Arab International University between 2005 till 2010.I was among the first batch to graduate from the Arab International University. After graduation, Continue reading
NomanMofti (9)

Nouman Al Mofti PhD researcher at Technical University Dortmund Germany

May Ben Khadra worked as a corporate banker for 6 years. She is a BA holder in Banking and Finance from Arab International University. She is also certified from Frankfort School of Finance as well as ... Continue reading
MAIkadreh (2)

May Ben Khadra Anchor in the cnbc News

I studied Pharmacy at the Arab International University (AIU) and graduated with a very good GPA with the first graduating class (Aljalaa Class) in summer, 2010. After graduation, I worked for a few months ... Continue reading
Abdulwahab Barakat (4)

Abdulwahab Barakat Quality Control Team Leader

Some of you know me for being the co-founder of CarbonWorks, Inc. the company behind Carbon smartphone. Graduated as a computer engineer with software specialized doesn’t really qualify me ENOUGH ... Continue reading

Firas Khalifeh Co-founder/CTO at CarbonWorks, Inc.

In 2005 my dream came true and I became pharmacy student at the AIU, where I spent the best 5 years of my life .I had the chance to obtain a high level of education from professional doctors. In 2007 I ... Continue reading
Tony Absy (2)

Tony Absy

After graduation from the Arab International University (AIU) in 2013, I travelled to Lebanon to get CCNA certificate in networks. After that, I worked as a network engineer in the Lebanese company CCT. ... Continue reading

Mohammad Firas Alkurdi Director of Development and Modernization

Since early childhood and throughout my teenage years, I developed a huge passion for everything and anything computer-related. I was still 14 when I started teaching myself the basics of programming through ... Continue reading
laith al rakty (1)

laith Abu rakty Co-Founder & CTO of Snapcart