Mohammad Firas Alkurdi


Mohammad Firas Alkurdi

Speciality: Computer and Telecommunication Engineering
Year of Graduation: 2013
Current Position: Director of Development and Modernization

After graduation from the Arab International University (AIU) in 2013, I travelled to Lebanon to get CCNA certificate in networks. After that, I worked as a network engineer in the Lebanese company CCT. At that time, I decided to pursue my education in Germany to get a master’s degree. While applying for German universities, the office of International Relations at AIU helped me communicate with a  German university employee,  Thomas, to learn how to apply and enroll at universities in Germany. Then, I started studying at TU-Chemnitz Technical University. While studying, I became the representative of international students at the university, and I represented students in a number of meetings with the German government. With the help of Deutsche Telekom, the largest telecommunication services provider in Germany, I wrote up the graduation thesis that entitled me to get the Master’s degree in Information and Telecommunication Engineering. Next, I worked in NetTask GmbH Company as a director of Development (till present), and I am still working for the University Careers Office to help international students get a job in German companies.

Being a student at AIU was the first step on the road to success for the following reasons:

The certificate gained from AIU is accredited abroad, no need for any course equivalency.

AIU courses are diverse.

AIU academic program is in English.

AIU international relations are cooperative.