To build the personality of the student and develop his theoretical and practical skills so, and while practicing his profession, he can understand the different legal and juridical lawsuits, disputes ...

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The Arab International University Ranks First Among Private Universities. AIU No.1 Jan. 2024

30 Jan 2024

According to the results of webometrics for the month of January 2024 the Arab International University ...

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The Arab International University Ranked First on the Syrian Private Universities in January 2024 edition of Transparent Index Related to Scientific Research According to Ranking WEB of University

26 Jan 2024

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ERASMUS+ Exchange Mobility at SAPIENZA University of Rome Call for Academic Staff Applications

17 Mar 2024

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ERASMUS+ Exchange Mobility at (Sapienza University of Rome) Call for Students Applications 2024|2025

16 Mar 2024

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The Faculty of Law at the Arab International University works towards: preparing a new generation of lawyers; building excellent law personnel who have high scientific, legal and ethical proficiency, and who can practice their leadership role throughout history; and spreading legal knowledge and juridical culture among society members and its public and private institutions.