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3D Recording and Interpretation for Maritime Archaeology

Includes recording and analysis of maritime archaeology through emerging technologies, including both practical and theoretical ...

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3D-Groundwater Modeling with PMWIN

Along with a companion full-version software (PMWIN), this text offers an integrated simulation system. PMWIN comes with ...

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A City in Blue and Green

Highlights Singapore’s development into a city in which water and greenery, along with associated environmental, technical, ...

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Acoustic Sensing Techniques for the Shallow Water Environment

This volume contains the collection of papers from the second workshop on Experimental Acoustic Inversion Techniques for ...

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Adaptive Strategies for Water Heritage Past, Present and Future

This book, building on research initiated by scholars from the Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Centre for Global Heritage and Development ...

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Adaptive and Integrated Water Management : Coping with Complexity and Uncertainty

The volume includes selected contributions on conceptual and methodological innovations and empirical insights from case ...

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Advanced Environmental Monitoring

This book deals with recent developments and applications of environmental monitoring technologies, with emphasis on optical ...

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Advanced Physicochemical Treatment Technologies

In Advanced Physiochemical Treatment Technologies, leading pollution control educators and practicing professionals describe ...

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Advanced Science and Technology for Biological Decontamination of Sites Affected by Chemical and Radiological Nuclear Agents

This book about Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute on Advanced Science and Technology for Biological Decontamination ...

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Advanced groundwater remediation: Active and passive technologies

In the second half of the twentieth century, increasing efforts were made towards containing and cleaning contaminated groundwater. ...

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Air, Water and Soil Quality Modelling for Risk and Impact Assessment

This book is the result of the Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Air, Water and Soil Quality Modelling ...

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Analysis of Seawater

It is only in the past few years that methods of adequate sensitivity have become available for true ultra-trace metal determinations ...

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Antifouling Paint Biocides

This volume describes the state-of-the-art advances regarding antifouling paint biocides and provides thorough evaluation ...

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Applied Hydrogeophysics

This book focuses on how hydrogeophysical methods can be applied to solve problems facing environmental engineers, geophysicists, ...

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Aquaponics Food Production Systems

This book, written by world experts in aquaponics and related technologies, provides the authoritative and comprehensive ...

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Aquatic Biodiversity II

The present book comprises a unique collection of primary research papers spanning a wide range of topics in aquatic biodiversity ...

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Aspects of Physical Biology : Biological Water, Protein Solutions, Transport and Replication

The present volume focuses on three main subtopics (biological water, protein solutions as well as transport and replication), ...

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Assessing Environmental Risk of Oil Spills with ERA Acute A New Methodology

This book introduces readers to a new methodology for assessing the risks to the marine environment following accidental ...

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Autonomic and Trusted Computing : 5th International Conference, ATC 2008, Oslo, Norway, June 23-25, 2008 Proceedings

This book constitutes the refereed procedings of the 5th International Conference on Autonomic and Trusted Computing, ATC ...

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Biological Invasions in South Africa

This book presents a comprehensive account of all aspects of biological invasions in South Africa, where research has been ...

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Total Books: 1 - 20 /312