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Analysis of Seawater

Publication year: 2006

ISBN: 978-3-540-26763-8

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It is only in the past few years that methods of adequate sensitivity have become available for true ultra-trace metal determinations in water. In the case of organics in seawater it has now become possible to resolve the complex mixtures of organics in seawater and achieve the required very low detection limits. Fortunately, the interest in micro-constituents in the seawater both from the environmental and the nutrient balance points of view has coincided with the availability of advanced instrumentation capable of meeting the analytical needs. This complete and up-to-date compilation of the currently employed proven methods for the chemical analysis of seawaters includes 45 tables and 48 figures.

Subject: Chemistry and Materials Science, Coast, Ocean, anions, environmental protection, fishery science, oceanography, toxicology, trace elements, water pollution