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A Climate of Justice: An Ethical Foundation for Environmentalism

This book helps readers combine history, politics, and ethics to address the most pressing problem facing the world today: ...

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A Rose Armed with Thorns: Spinoza’s Philosophy Under a Novel Lens

presents a systemic analysis of Spinoza’s philosophy and challenges the traditional views. It deals with Spinoza’s concepts ...

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Agency and Causal Explanation in Economics

This book provides an exploration of the consequences of the ontological differences between natural and social objects ...

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An Introduction to Ethics in Robotics and AI

This book provides an introduction into the ethics of robots and artificial intelligence. The book was written with university ...

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Animals in Our Midst: The Challenges of Co-existing with Animals in the Anthropocene

This book brings together authoritative voices in animal and environmental ethics, who address the many different facets ...

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Anti-Vivisection and the Profession of Medicine in Britain

This book explores the social history of the anti-vivisection movement in Britain from its nineteenth-century beginnings ...

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Between Psychology and Philosophy East-West Themes and Beyond

This book discusses a variety of important but unprecedented ways in which psychology can be useful to philosophy. The early ...

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CSR and Codes of Business Ethics in the USA, Austria (EU) and China and their Enforcement in International Supply Chain Arbitrations

Analyzes the implementation of CSR reporting and codes of business conduct and ethics in the legal systems of the USA, Austria ...

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Community and Identity in Contemporary Technosciences

This book provides new thinking on scientific identity formation. It thoroughly interrogates the concepts of community and ...

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Computational Cognitive Modeling and Linguistic Theory

This book introduces a general framework that allows natural language researchers to enhance existing competence theories ...

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Concepts in Action Representation, Learning, and Application

This book is a timely contribution in presenting recent issues, approaches, and results that are not only central to the ...

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Concepts, Frames and Cascades in Semantics, Cognition and Ontology

This book presents novel theoretical, empirical and experimental work exploring the nature of mental representations that ...

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Continental Philosophy of Technoscience

This text draws upon continental authors such as Hegel, Engels, Heidegger, Bachelard and Lacan (and their fields of dialectics, ...

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Corporate Sustainability in Practice : A Guide for Strategy Development and Implementation / Paolo Taticchi,

Building better organisations, with a clear sense of purpose, is a common challenge faced by many entrepreneurs and executives ...

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Cow Care in Hindu Animal Ethics

This book provides both a broad perspective and a focused examination of cow care as a subject of widespread ethical concern ...

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Data Journeys in the Sciences

This groundbreaking, book analyses and compares data practices across several fields through the analysis of specific cases ...

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Der junge Carnap in historischem Kontext: 1918–1935 / Young Carnap in an Historical Context: 1918–1935

This volume is based on the 'Early Carnap in Context’ workshop that took place in Konstanz in 2017 and looks at Rudolf ...

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Digital Dilemmas Exploring Social Media Ethics in Organizations

This book categorizes the dilemmas organizations across a range of industries can face when they implement social media ...

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Dignity in the 21st Century

Dignity in the 21st Century - Middle East and West is unique and insightful for a range of reasons. First, the book is co-authored ...

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Doing Integrated History and Philosophy of Science: A Case Study of the Origin of Genetics

offers an integrated historical and philosophical examination of the origin of genetics. The author contends that an integrated ...

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Total Books: 1 - 20 /52