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Doing Integrated History and Philosophy of Science: A Case Study of the Origin of Genetics

Publication year: 2020

ISBN: 978-3-030-50617-9

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offers an integrated historical and philosophical examination of the origin of genetics. The author contends that an integrated HPS analysis helps us to have a better understanding of the history of genetics, and sheds light on some general issues in the philosophy of science.  consists of three parts. It begins with historical problems, revisiting the significance of the work of Mendel, de Vries, and Weldon. Then it turns to integrated HPS problems, developing an exemplar-based analysis of the development and the progress in early genetics. Finally, it discusses philosophical problems: conceptual change, evidence, and theory choice.

Subject: Religion and Philosophy, Conceptual Change, Kuhn’s Legacy, Origins of Genetics, Scientific Change, Scientific Progress, Mendel, Mendelian Genetics, Hypothetico-Deductivism, history of genetics, hypothetico-deductive theory of confirmation, exemplar-based approach, William Bateson, Charles Darwin, Philosophy of Science, History of Biology, Epistemology