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Dignity in the 21st Century

Publication year: 2017

ISBN: 978-3-319-58020-3

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Dignity in the 21st Century - Middle East and West is unique and insightful for a range of reasons. First, the book is co-authored by scholars from two different cultures (Middle East and West). As a result, the interpretations of dignity covered are broader than those in most Western publications. Second, the ambition of the book is to use examples from everyday life and fiction to debate a range of dignity interpretations supplemented by philosophical and theological theories. Thus, the book is designed to be accessible to a general readership, which is further facilitated because it is published with full open access. Third, the book does not defend one superior theory of dignity, but instead presents six Western approaches and one based on the Koran and then asks whether a common essence can be detected.

Subject: Religion and Philosophy, Dignity concepts, Formula of Humanity, Kant, Koran and dignity, Sense of Self-Worth, Dignity interpretation, Ethics, Islam, Non-Western Philosophy, Popular Science in Humanities, Arts, Theories of Law, Philosophy of Law, Legal History, Political Theory