Ahmad Armoush

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Ahmad Armoush

Speciality: Data Science Engineer.
Year of Graduation: 2015
Current Position: Head of Engineering in ESQOK And Microsoft Azure Engineer in NETEC.

  I start growing with big dreams keeping up with this technology, I want to be something where is very hard in where we are from to reach this dream easily.

First curve was in my life when I finished my high school degree from Syria in 2010 and arrived to the sharp moment in my life to decide what, where and when I will do achieve my dream.

AIU was my destination because of the advanced technology that they provide to their students and English language Teaching.

I had chance to graduate in 2015 after of an amazing five years at AIU as a network and operating systems engineer.

Then I decided to enroll with MBA program in Syrian virtual university ,while I was studying I trained with Syrian TV for six months period, but sadly I didn’t finish my master degree because of all the situations of the area, so I decide to travel and I came to Chile (The Last Country on Earth).

Arrived to Chile, speaking English, French and Arabic but I needed to study Spanish so I decide to make a lot of friendships to learn Spanish and to adapt a new culture as fast as I can!

I start work as Arabic – Spanish translator with the government of Chile then I had chance to find another opportunity in MU career as Artificial intelligent engineer in a robotics development company (ESQOK) I decided to accept this new challenge.

The successful way started from this job when I earned a project with IBM company, this project was very successful after four months of very hard working on an intelligent robot named TJBOT, TOTI version!

This robot can listen, answer, react, recognize people and things using IBM intelligent Watson Service...., A great success that reached to the minister of technology and science in Chile, who participated at the day of the project with my company, IBM company and the honorable visit of the embassy of Syria in Santiago of Chile.

 The project got very famous, arrived to the TV and I got interviewed many times on TV.

After this hard working the company sow to promote me to be head of the engineering department in the company.

 Success brings success, so right know I am studying Data Science Engineering Master in Adolfo Ibañez University, one of the best universities in Chile and the World because of its international credits and teaching in information technology diplomat at Movistar Telecommunications company.

Working also in an international company named NETEC as an intelligence development engineer using Microsoft Azure Services a part of my Job in ESQOK.

 One-dream, one-way ticket and I got on my successful way achieving my dream!


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