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Current Concepts in Autoimmunity and Chronic Inflammation

The ethiopathologies of autoimmune diseases are complex. A broad variety of cell types and gene products are involved. This ...

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Cutaneous Lupus Erythematosus

Lupus erythematosus is a chronic inflammatory autoimmune disease characterized by a wide spectrum of manifestations with ...

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Cytologic Detection of Urothelial Lesions

Cytologic Detection of Urothelial Lesions by Dorothy L. Rosenthal, MD and Stephen S. Raab, MD is the second volume in the ...

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Cytopathology of the head and neck : ultrasound guided FNAC / Kocjan, Gabrijela

Supports the learning of new skills expected of practicing pathologists by providing a comprehensive approach to cytopathology, ...

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Dail and Hammars Pulmonary Pathology : Volume I: Nonneoplastic Lung Disease

Dail and Hammar’s Pulmonary Pathology has established itself as the definitive reference in the field. This authoritative ...

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Dental Caries: The Disease and its Clinical Management / le Fejerskov, Bente Nyvad, Edwina Kidd

In this highly anticipated new edition, the editors maintain the same focus on high-level coverage of the disease etiology ...

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Dental Pathology : A Practical Introduction / Pieter J. Slootweg

Invaluable companion that will assist dentists and oral surgeons in recognizing and diagnosing gross dental abnormalities New, ...

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Dental and Oral Pathology / Pieter J. Slootweg

Provides easy access to relevant information through A-Z entries Presents the work of experts in the field Delivers comprehensive ...

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Dermatoethics : Contemporary Ethics and Professionalism in Dermatology

This extensively updated textbook reviews the ethical issues faced within dermatology. Bringing together practical real-life ...

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The book describes the principles of histopathologic patterns in selected acquired skin diseases, together with short clinical ...

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This book provides an introduction to the principles of dermatopathology, aimed primarily at dermatologists and pathologists ...

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Diagnosis and Management of Pituitary Disorders

This text provides a detailed update on current diagnostic and therapeutic techniques useful in the management of a broad ...

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Diagnostic Criteria in Neurology

The criteria cover a wide spectrum of neurological conditions whose diagnosis does not depend solely on histopathology (e.g., ...

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Diffuse Lung Diseases

This book aims to help the reader who is confused by the multiplicity of diseases with similar symptoms in different patients. ...

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Dislocation and Degradation of Proteins from the Endoplasmic Reticulum

The present volume of Current Topics in Microbiology and Immunology c- tains seven chapters that illuminate various aspects ...

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Drug Safety Evaluation : Methods and Protocols / Jean-Charles Gautier

Focuses on the most recent advances in the field of drug safety evaluation. Divided into seven parts, chapters detail specific ...

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Ear Surgery

This book on ear surgery guides the beginner as well as the experienced surgeon through all approaches to middle ear and ...

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Early Cancer of the Gastrointestinal Tract

Differences in the diagnostic criteria for early cancer of the gastrointestinal tract between Japan and Western countries ...

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Encyclopedia of Diagnostic Imaging

The aim of this comprehensive encyclopedia is to provide detailed information on diagnostic radiology contributing to the ...

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Essentials of Autopsy Practice

Essentials of Autopsy Practice: Current Methods and Modern Trends provides an update on the advances and developments in ...

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Total Books: 41 - 60 /173