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Breast Cytopathology

Breast Cytopathology by Syed Ali, MD and Anil Parwani, MD will fulfill the need for an easy-to-use and authoritative synopsis ...

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Burket's Oral Medicine, 13th Edition / Michael Glick, Martin S. Greenberg, Peter B. Lockhart, Stephen J. Challacombe

Detailed discussions on: orofacial pain, temporomandibular disorders, headache and salivary gland disease; oral and oropharyngeal ...

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Burning Mouth Disease : A Guide for Patients / Isaäc van der Waal

Prepared for patients who suffer from 'Burning mouth disease', also referred to as 'Burning mouth syndrome'. It gives ...

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Cancer Grading Manual

Cancer Grading Manual addresses all histopathologic aspects of tumor pathology essential for grading of tumors. It discusses ...

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Case Studies in Building Rehabilitation / J.M.P.Q. Delgado

Presents recent research and practical insights relating to building pathology. As such it contributes toward the systematization ...

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Clinical Cases in Pediatric Dentistry, 2nd Edition / Amr M. Moursi, Amy L. Truesdale

Features comprehensive updates to all 66 cases to include the latest diagnostic and treatment techniques. Each chapter also ...

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Clinical Chemistry

Clinical Chemistry considers what happens to the body’s chemistry when affected by disease. It provides introductory coverage ...

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Clinical Guide to Oral Diseases / Dimitris Malamos, Crispian Scully

a concise reference on the common diseases encountered in daily practice. Presenting a large selection of clinical cases, ...

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Clinical Neuroembryology

Combines data from human embryology, animal research and developmental neuropathology. This book provides an overview of ...

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Clinical Oral Medicine and Pathology / Jean M. Bruch, Nathaniel Treister

The book has been well received internationally by a wide audience of clinicians, including general dentists, oral surgeons, ...

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Clinically Oriented Anatomy / Keith L. Moore; Arthur F. Dalley; Anne M. R. Agur

The world’s most trusted clinically focused anatomy text! Renowned for comprehensive coverage, the best-selling Clinically ...

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Color Atlas of Histopathology of the Cervix Uteri

The new edition of this atlas integrates all significant advances made in the past 15 years in molecular pathology, tumor ...

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Color Atlas of Oral and Maxillofacial Diseases / Brad W Neville; Douglas D Damm; Carl M Allen; Angela C Chi

Provides comprehensive, practical information on the most common oral and maxillofacial diseases and disorders. This new ...

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Color Doppler US of the Penis

This book provides a comprehensive reference and practical guide on the application of US to penile diseases and conditions. The ...

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Colorectal Surgery

The experienced surgeon will appreciate this book by recognizing the details and exquisitely rendered images that call to ...

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Complex Anorectal Disorders

Book has focused on the broad structural investigation of the anorectum and on the focused management of largely “functional” ...

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Comprehensive Occlusal Concepts in Clinical Practice / Irwin M. Becker

Aims to provide a clear and thorough guide to the understanding and application of occlusal concepts in the dental practice, ...

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Conscious in a Vegetative State? A Critique of the PVS Concept

This book traces the origins of prevailing perceptions about PVS and submits these to critical examination. In doing this ...

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Contact Dermatitis

Covers various aspects of the modern-day management of contact dermatitis. This title also covers irritant and allergic contact ...

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Contemporary Oral Medicine: A Comprehensive Approach to Clinical Practice

This book is a comprehensive, up-to-date guide to the specialty of Oral Medicine, which is concerned with the diagnosis, ...

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Total Books: 21 - 40 /173