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Ecologies Design : Transforming Architecture, Landscape, and Urbanism / Maibritt Pedersen Zari, Peter Connolly, Mark Southcombe

Ecologies Design challenges professionals and academics to expand the concept of applying and understanding ecologies, both ...

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Ecosystem Function in Heterogeneous Landscapes

The book elucidates the challenges faced by ecosystem scientists working in spatially heterogeneous systems, relevant conceptual ...

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Ecosystem Organization of a Complex Landscape

Presents the major findings of a 12-year ecological study of the Bornhöved Lake District, situated some 30 km south of Kiel. ...

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Environmental Change and Human Security: Recognizing and Acting on Hazard Impacts

This book focuses on the linkage between human and environmental security and takes both a conceptual and a pragmatic approach ...

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Environmental History of the Rhine-Meuse Delta : An ecological story on evolving human–environmental relations coping with climate change and sea-level rise

This book presents the environmental history of the Delta of the lowland rivers Rhine and Meuse, an ecological story on evolving ...

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Field Measurements for Forest Carbon Monitoring

This volume is a comprehensive guide to the methods and techniques employed in forest carbon inventory and monitoring. Since ...

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Forest Landscape Ecology

Forest Landscape Ecology: Transferring Knowledge to Practice is the first book to introduce landscape ecologists to the discipline ...

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Forest Policies and Social Change in England

The book stresses how values and perceptions shape policies, and conversely how policies can modify perceptions, and also ...

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Forest Restoration in Landscapes

This book integrates the restoration of forest functions into landscape conservation plans. and this book represents the ...

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Fostering Transformative Change for Sustainability in the Context of Socio-Ecological Production Landscapes and Seascapes (SEPLS)

This book is a compilation of case studies that provide useful knowledge and lessons that derive from on-the-ground activities ...

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Framing in Sustainability Science Theoretical and Practical Approaches

This book offers both conceptual and empirical descriptions of how to “frame” sustainability challenges. It defines ...

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Full of Life

UNESCO biosphere reserves are full of life. Here, people put sustainable development into practice: economic, ecological, ...

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Fundamental Trends in City Development

This book inquires into how the city can be re-established as the space of dialogue and communication, how the spatial conditions ...

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Geographies of Schooling

This book explores the complex relationship between schooling as a set of practices embedded in educational institutions ...

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Global Archaeological Theory

This book focuses on the fundamental theoretical issues found in the discipline and thus both engages and represents the ...

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Green Infrastructure and Climate Change Adaptation : Function, Implementation and Governance

This book introduces the function, implementation and governance of green infrastructure in Japan and other countries where ...

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Green New Deal Landscapes / Jose A. Ramirez

Explores the principles behind the Green New Deal and how they apply to the architectural and landscape professions. Whatever ...

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Greening the Greyfields : New Models for Regenerating the Middle Suburbs of Low-Density Cities

This book outlines new concepts, development models, governance and implementation processes capable of addressing the challenges ...

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Groundwater Management in Asian Cities : Technology and Policy for Sustainability

The number of city dwellers who do not have access to piped water and rely on groundwater is also increasing. In many Asian ...

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Impact of the Environment on Human Migration in Eurasia

Beyond any doubt, the environment played an important role in the life of ancient nomadic populations, forming the basis ...

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Total Books: 21 - 40 /119