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Digital Photogrammetry

Publication year: 2006

ISBN: 978-3-540-29153-4

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The main part of the book contains several tutorials. In increasing complexity, accompanied by texts explaining further theory, the reader can proceed step by step through the particular working parts. Most of the standard work in Digital Photogrammetry is shown and trained for example scanning, image orientation, mono and stereo plotting, aerial triangulation measurement (manual and automatic), block adjustment, automatic creation of surface models via image matching, creation of ortho images and mosaics, and others. Not only standard situations are dealt with but also more complex ones, such as unknown camera data, extreme relief or areas with very low contrast. Examples of both aerial and close-range photogrammetry present the power of these type of measurement techniques.

Subject: Earth and Environmental Science, Geography, Landscape Planning, Remote Sensing, cartography, digital elevation model, geodesy, geoinformation