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Designing Green Landscapes

Publication year: 2008

ISBN: 978-1-4020-6759-4

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This book presents the latest thinking in adaptive management for forest ecosystems. Based on the ‘multiple path’ principle, this approach links species choice and silvicultural methods with changing demands and changing environmental conditions, to ensure continuous adaptation, often several times within the lifetime of a tree. The ‘multiple path’ principle at the core of this approach represents a robust theoretical framework for designing forested landscapes. It provides a logical basis both for coordinating spatial objectives and for integrating varied forms of expertise; it limits planning horizons to realistic timeframes; and it allows for forecasts based on current real attributes of spatially explicit land parcels. This is in stark contrast with traditional forestry practices which simply assess the forest resource at regular time intervals and prescribe standard management schedules for specific forest types.

Subject: Earth and Environmental Science / Forest design / Forest planning / Landscape planning / Optimisation / automata / computer graphics / ecology / environment / forest / numerical analysis / optimization / Life Sciences, general / Landscape Ecology / Computer Appl. in Life Sciences / Environmental Management