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Acquired Cystic Disease of the Kidney and Renal Cell Carcinoma

I have been involved in the treatment of chronic renal insuf? new and unexpected pathological conditions have also appeared ...

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Advancing the Science of Cancer in Latinos

This book gives an overview of the sessions, panel discussions, and outcomes of the Advancing the Science of Cancer in Latinos ...

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Applied biophysics for drug discovery / Donald Preston Huddler, Edward Zartler

It is a guide to new techniques and approaches to identifying and characterizing small molecules in early drug discovery. ...

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Arctic Alpine Ecosystems and People in a Changing Environment

This book addresses the significant environmental changes experienced by high latitude and high altitude ecosystems at the ...

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Biotechnologies for Plant Mutation Breeding

This book offers 19 detailed protocols on the use of induced mutations in crop breeding and functional genomics studies, ...

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Breast Cancer, 2nd edition

This book highlights M. D. Anderson Cancer Center’s multidisciplinary approach and reviews the entire spectrum of patient ...

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Cancer Survivorship

A diagnosis of cancer provokes myriad responses in patients, chief among them the question: "how long do I have to live?" ...

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Cancer du sein

In January 2005, the 9th Cours de Saint-Paul-de-Vence, devoted to Breast Cancer, was dominated by the establishment of "Recommendations ...

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Cancer du sein : Compte rendu du cours supérieur francophone de cancérologie (Saint-Paul-de-V Vence, ence, 18–20 janvier 2007) = Breast cancer: Proceedings of the French-speaking oncology higher course (Saint-Paul-de-V Vence, ence, 18–20 January 2007)

Durant les deux premières journées, toutes les étapes importantes de la prise en charge des cancers du sein ont été ...

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Chemical Genomics (vol. # 58)

Chemical genomics is a highly interdisciplinary and very exciting field of research both in academics and in the life sciences ...

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Common Eye Diseases and their Management

There have been significant advances in the diagnosis and management of eye disease since the last edition of Common Eye ...

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Community Quality-of-Life Indicators

Offers critical insights into the thriving international field of community indicators, incorporating the experiences of ...

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Cured II - LENT Cancer Survivorship Research and Education : Late Effects on Normal Tissues

Multimodal treatment lies at the heart of the improvement in cancer cure rates. However, the more aggressive the treatment ...

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Dépistage et cancers cutanés = Skin cancer screening

This work takes stock of the epidemiological aspects of these tumors in France and their clinical aspects. It offers an identification ...

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Electrical Diseases of the Heart : Genetics, Mechanisms, Treatment, Prevention

Electrical Diseases of the Heart is a thorough clinical reference on the current status of cardiac electrophysiological disease,emphasizing ...

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Endoscopic Oncology

Endoscopic Oncology: Gastrointestinal Endoscopy and Cancer Management examines the interface between endoscopy and oncology, ...

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Frontiers in Chemical Sensors

With their similarity to the organs of the most advanced creatures that inhabit the Earth, sensors are regarded as being ...

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GPCRs: From Deorphanization to Lead Structure Identification

The book highlights the following topics: Structure of GPCRs, Design of GPCR Ligands, GPCR Signalling, Deorphanization and ...

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Infections à papillomavirus

The impact of papillomavirus (HPV) infection is considerable. More than one in two women has been exposed to HPV in her lifetime ...

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Introduction to Basics of Pharmacology and Toxicology ; Volume 3 : Experimental Pharmacology : Research Methodology and Biostatistics / Mageshwaran Lakshmanan, Deepak Gopal Shewade, Gerard Marshall Raj

Elaborates on the general principles of experimental pharmacology. Describes about the screening methods for the evaluation ...

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Total Books: 1 - 20 /46