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Approaches to Metaphysics

Today, when systematic philosophy - and reason itself - are challenged both outside of and within philosophy, is it still ...

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Augmented Humanity Being and Remaining Agentic in a Digitalized World

This book will examine the implications of digitalization for the understanding of humanity, conceived as a community of ...

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Defending Checks and Balances in EU Member States Taking Stock of Europe’s Actions Editors (view affiliations)

This book deals with Article 7 TEU measures, court proceedings, financial sanctions and the EU Rule of Law Framework to ...

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Dynamic Analysis of Structures / John Katsikadelis

Reflects the latest application of structural dynamics theory to produce more optimal and economical structural designs. ...

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Explorations of the Life-World

This anthology originated from three conferences, which were held at Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan, on March 26-28, 1999, ...

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Fundamentals of Structural Dynamics / Zhihui Zhou, Ying Wen, Chenzhi Cai, Qingyuan Zeng

Explains foundational concepts and principles surrounding the theory of vibrations and gives equations of motion for complex ...

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Happiness is the Wrong Metric

This timely book addresses the conflict between globalism and nationalism. It provides a liberal communitarian response to ...

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Highly-Skilled Migration: Between Settlement and Mobility IMISCOE Short Reader

This book discusses the emerging patterns of sedentary migration versus mobility of the highly-skilled thereby providing ...

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Leibniz and the Natural World

In the present book, Pauline Phemister argues against traditional Anglo-American interpretations of Leibniz as an idealist ...

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Liberal Democracy Prosperity through Freedom

This book aims to show which factors have been decisive in the rise of successful countries. Never before have so many people ...

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Mechanical Sytems, Classical Models ; Volume I: Particle Mechanics

The guideline of the present book is precisely the mathematical model of mechanics. A special accent is put on the solving ...

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Moral Psychology Today

This book brings together in one volume some of the very latest developments in moral psychology that were presented at a ...

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Possibility, Agency and Individuality in Leibnizs Metaphysics

This work presents Leibniz’s subtle approach to possibility and explores some of its consequential repercussions in his ...

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Power, Freedom, and Voting

Power, Freedom, and Voting is an interdisciplinary book that presents a comprehensive insight into current research by economists, ...

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Qualitative Freedom - Autonomy in Cosmopolitan Responsibilit

This book defends the idea of freedom as paramount for the attempt to find common ethical ground in the age of globality. ...

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Reforms, Organizational Change and Performance in Higher Education

This book investigates the effects of changes in leadership and managerial structures of Nordic universities resulting from ...

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Religion in the Public Sphere: A Comparative Analysis of German, Israeli, American and International Law

How closely correlated should church and state be? May a state recognize or dignify the role and meaning of religion at all, ...

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South-North Migration of EU Citizens in Times of Crisis

This open access book looks at the migration of Southern European EU citizens (from Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece) who move ...

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State Responsibility for Interferences with the Freedom of Navigation in Public International Law

The book analyses all relevant compensation provisions and compares them to the general law of state responsibility. This ...

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The Moral, Social, and Commercial Imperatives of Genetic Testing and Screening

This is a dynamic book that successfully combines global and local thinking with regard to an emerging technology that will ...

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Total Books: 1 - 20 /25