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Happiness is the Wrong Metric

Publication year: 2018

ISBN: 978-3-319-69623-2

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This timely book addresses the conflict between globalism and nationalism. It provides a liberal communitarian response to the rise of populism occurring in many democracies. The book highlights the role of communities next to that of the state and the market. It spells out the policy implications of liberal communitarianism for privacy, freedom of the press, and much else. In a ersuasive argument that speaks to politics today from Europe to the United States to Australia, the author offers a compelling vision of hope. Above all, the book offers a framework for dealing with moral challenges people face as they seek happiness but also to live up to their responsibilities to others and the common good.

Subject: Open Access, Liberal Communitarianism, Communitarianism in a Historical Context, Communitarian Economics, The Common Good, Security and Privacy, Freedom of the Press, Communitarian Approach to Bioethics, Conflict between globalism and nationalism, social political communities, Liberalism v. Neo-fascism, Political Philosophy, Political Sociology, Social Philosophy, Moral Philosophy, globalism and nationalism, rise of populism occurring in democracies, rise of populism, liberalism and communitarianism, privacy, freedom of the press