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Qualitative Freedom - Autonomy in Cosmopolitan Responsibilit

Publication year: 2019

ISBN: 978-3-030-04723-8

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This book defends the idea of freedom as paramount for the attempt to find common ethical ground in the age of globality. The book sets out to examine as yet unexhausted ways to boost the resilience of the principle of liberalism. It discusses many different aspects that fall under its three main topics: the metaphysics of freedom, quantitative freedom and qualitative freedom.Open societies worldwide have come under increasing pressure in the last decades. The belief that politics and markets fare best when guided by the principle of liberty presently faces multiple challenges such as terrorism, climate warming, inequality, populism, and financial crises. In the view of its critics, the idea of freedom no longer offers adequate guidance to meet these challenges and should be partially corrected or even entirely replaced by countervailing values. Against the reduction of freedom to the merely quantitative question as to how much liberties individuals call their own

Subject: Religion and Philosophy, Ethics, History of Philosophy, Autonomy in Cosmopolitan Responsibility, Qualitative Freedom, Freedom and Everyday Life, Concept of Freedom, Neoclassical Paradigm, Legal and Political Philosophy, Economic and Social Philosophy, Genesis of the Neo-Liberal Concept of Freedom, Freedom of Nature and of Humanity, Procedural Policy in Global Responsibility, Epistemology and Metaphysics of Law, Economic Philosophy, Theories of Freedom, Metaphysical Theories of Freedom, Freedom and Academic Philosophy, Freedom for all world citizens, Renewing Liberalism, New Liberalism