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Abord clinique en urologie

Seduced by the idea of commenting on the clinical experience they have acquired during their career, the authors have ...

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Actualités en rééducation des maladies neuro-musculaires de ladulte = News in rehabilitation of neuro-muscular diseases in adults

Neuro-muscular diseases include congenital or acquired pathologies of the muscle and the peripheral nerve. This book covers ...

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Atlas de chirurgie esthétique du sexe de lhomme = Atlas of Male Sexual Aesthetic Surgery

The author nevertheless calls for a certain reserve as to the indications for operation due to the psychological fragility ...

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Cancer du testicule

Testicular cancer has benefited from important therapeutic advances radically transforming its prognosis. Recent protocols ...

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Le Cancer du rein = Kidney cancer

Localized tumors are discovered at an earlier stage. The concept of active surveillance emerges. Minimally invasive treatments ...

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Urethral Reconstructive Surgery

This textbook seeks to determine the current state-of-the-art of reconstructive urethral surgery and to identify new trends ...

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Évaluation des troubles neuropsychologiques en vie quotidienne

Neurological diseases such as stroke, head trauma, Alzheimer's disease pose a public health problem. They affect all ages, ...

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Total Books: 1 - 7 /7