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Cancer du testicule

Publication year: 2006

ISBN: 978-2-287-31232-8

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Testicular cancer has benefited from important therapeutic advances radically transforming its prognosis. Recent protocols have led to the development of treatments that maintain therapeutic efficacy while favoring quality of life and minimizing the sequelae (such as fertility disorders) in these often young men. This book discusses the various technical advances both in the field of diagnosis - with the contribution of modern imaging and anatomopathology - and therapy. The place of chemotherapy as well as that of surgery are largely detailed, thus placing the urologist at the heart of the multidisciplinary team taking care of these patients. Quality of life is also discussed by taking into account the impact of the treatment of these tumors on the fertility of these young patients.

Subject: Medicine, Carcinom, Surgery, Tumor, Urologie, Cancer, Chimiothérapie, Chirurgie, Radiothérapie, Testicule, Urology, Cancer, Chemotherapy, Surgery, Radiotherapy, Testis