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Abord clinique en urologie

Publication year: 2006

ISBN: 978-2-287-48614-2

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Seduced by the idea of commenting on the clinical experience they have acquired during their career, the authors have deliberately approached their specialty by describing the symptoms that give the chapters their titles. They nevertheless described the differential diagnoses, the diseases involved and the treatments. After a chapter devoted to the examination of the patient, including the detours of the interrogation, back pain or scrotal pain are analyzed. The authors then turned to voiding disorders and their causes. The peculiarities of hematuria, depending on their level of origin, are described and commented on. The semiology of tumor masses is carefully detailed and, conversely, the problem of prostate cancer screening by PSA is dealt with in a separate chapter. Erectile dysfunction and penile diseases are the last chapters. In the line of the “Clinical approach” collection, this manual is easy to consult thanks to a detailed index, easy to understand because it is written in clear language and, moreover, well illustrated (21 diagrams and 2 tables). In this little book, the authors have approached urology from a perspective close to how patients feel.

Subject: Medicine, Générale, Médecine, Urologie, Medicine, Urology