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Abstraction Refinement for Large Scale Model Checking

This book describes recent research developments in automatic abstraction refinement techniques. The authors address the ...

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Adaptive Multi-Standard RF Front-Ends

Adaptive Multi-Standard RF Front-Ends investigates solutions, benefits, limitations and costs related to multi-standard operation ...

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Advances in Electronic Testing

The book is a comprehensive elaboration on important topics which capture major research and development efforts today. The ...

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Analog-Baseband Architectures And Circuits For Multistandard And Lowvoltage Wireless Transceivers

"Analog-Baseband Architectures and Circuits reviews the fundamentals and studies the state-of-the-art multistandard transceivers ...

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Creating Assertion-Based Verification IP

The focus of this book is to bring the assertion discussion up to a higher level and introduce a process for creating effective, ...

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Frontiers in Hardware Security and Trust: Theory, design and practice

The footprint and power constraints imposed on internet-of-things end-points, smart sensors, mobile and ad hoc network devices ...

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Handbook of Biochips : Integrated Circuits and Systems for Biology and Medicine / Mohamad Sawan

This book provides a broad survey of the field of biochips, including fundamentals of microelectronics and biomaterials interaction ...

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Integrated Circuit and System Design. Power and Timing Modeling, Optimization and Simulation

Papers cover high level design, low power design techniques, low power analog circuits, statistical static timing analysis, ...

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Integrated Circuit and System Design. Power and Timing Modeling, Optimization and Simulation (vol. # 4148)

Welcome to the proceedings of PATMOS 2006, the 16th in a series of international workshops. PATMOS 2006 was organized by ...

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Microwave Engineering : Concepts and Fundamentals / Ahmad Shahid Khan

Covers everything from wave propagation to reflection and refraction, guided waves, and transmission lines, providing a comprehensive ...

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Sub-threshold Design for Ultra-Low Power Systems

Although energy dissipation has improved with each new technology node, because SoCs are integrating tens of million devices ...

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The NeuroProcessor : An Integrated Interface to Biological Neural Networks

This book presents the Neuroprocessor, a novel computational neuronal interface device implemented in VLSI technology. In ...

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Ultra Wideband - Circuits, Transceivers and Systems : Circuits, Transceivers and Systems

Ultra Wideband: Circuits, Transceivers and Systems offers a comprehensive overview of the state of the art of the physical ...

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VLSI-Design of Non-Volatile Memories

VLSI-Design for Non-Volatile Memories is intended for electrical engineers and graduate students who want to enter into the ...

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Total Books: 1 - 14 /14