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Microwave Engineering : Concepts and Fundamentals / Ahmad Shahid Khan

Publication year: 2014

ISBN: 9781138072428

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Covers everything from wave propagation to reflection and refraction, guided waves, and transmission lines, providing a comprehensive understanding of the underlying principles at the core of microwave engineering. This encyclopedic text not only encompasses nearly all facets of microwave engineering, but also gives all topics—including microwave generation, measurement, and processing—equal emphasis. Packed with illustrations to aid in comprehension. Describes the mathematical theory of waveguides and ferrite devices, devoting an entire chapter to the Smith chart and its applications Discusses different types of microwave components, antennas, tubes, transistors, diodes, and parametric devices Examines various attributes of cavity resonators, semiconductor and RF/microwave devices, and microwave integrated circuits

Subject: Microwave engineering, Dispositifs à micro-ondes, Micro-ondes, Microwave devices, Microwaves, Wave Propagation, Microwave Frequency Bands, Waveguides, Cavity Resonators, Microwave Ferrite Devices, Microwave Components, Microwave Antennas, Microwave Measurements, Microwave Tubes, Microwave Diodes, Microwave Transistors, Planar Transmission Lines, Microwave Integrated Circuits,