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Frontiers in Hardware Security and Trust: Theory, design and practice

Publication year: 2021

ISBN: 978-1-78561-928-1

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The footprint and power constraints imposed on internet-of-things end-points, smart sensors, mobile and ad hoc network devices make traditional and software based cryptographic solutions that require a general-purpose processor increasingly unfeasible. The fact that security is not the primary functionality of these devices means that only a small portion of their limited processing power and storage is available for security, driving the need for alternative security solutions. Hardware security - including hardware obfuscation, hardware security primitives, side-channel attacks and so on - is therefore becoming an increasingly active research area in both academia and industry.

Subject: Electrical engineering, Neural computing techniques, General and management topics, Data security, Local area networks, Digital arithmetic methods, Radio links and equipment, Semiconductor integrated circuits, controller area networks, Industrial property, Trusted computing, MIMO communication, Learning (artificial intelligence), Cognitive radio, Formal verification, 5G mobile communication, Security, Neural networks, Integrated circuits, Random number generation