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Comparative and Global Pedagogies : Equity, Access and Democracy in Education

This book critically examines equality, equity and democracy in education, globally as well as from various perspectives. ...

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Democracy in an Age of Globalisation

In Democracy in an Age of Globalisation, Otfried Höffe develops a comprehensive analysis of the demands, which the process ...

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Depression and Globalization : The Politics of Mental Health in the 21st Century

In Depression and Globalization, Carl Walker analyzes the human cost of recent political and economic events as main contributors ...

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Education and Social Inequality in the Global Culture

The book critically examines the overall interplay between globalisation, social inequality and education. It draws upon ...

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Education in the Era of Globalization

Education seems to have lost its orientation in Western culture and is in disarray all over the globe in time of global transitions. ...

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Food Anxiety in Globalising Vietnam

This book approaches the anxieties inherent in food consumption and production in Vietnam. The country’s rapid and recent ...

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Global Pathways to Education : Cultural Spheres, Networks, and International Organizations

The research presented in this volume is a wide-ranging analysis and explana­tion of the dynamics of emergence, diffusion, ...

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Globalisation, Poverty and Conflict

Is ‘development’ passé? Is it merely a by-product or a ‘trickle down’ effect of economic growth, spurred by globalisation? ...

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Globalization and Sustainable Development

A characteristic of the present global ecological situation is increasing instability or— put another way—a crisis in ...

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Iberian World Empires and the Globalization of Europe 1415–1668

This book analyses Iberian expansion by using knowledge accumulated in recent years to test some of the most important theories ...

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Improving Inclusive Education through Universal Design for Learning

Provides an analysis of how the educational strategy of Universal Design for Learning can stimulate the process of inclusive ...

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Internationalisation and Globalisation in Mathematics and Science Education

This book aims to: Develop theoretical frameworks of the phenomena of internationalisation and globalisation and identify ...

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Modelling Regional Scenarios for the Enlarged Europe

The aim of this book is to tackle the question of what the European territory will look like over the next fifteen years ...

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Multilateralism, Regionalism and Bilateralism in Trade and Investment

The present first volume of the World Report on Regional Integration is a timely product of the research undertaken at UNU-CRIS. ...

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National Systems of Innovation in Comparison

The book documents major elements of the joint work of eight leading German institutes, elaborated in the context of a regular ...

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Networks and Geographies of Global Social Policy Diffusion : Culture, Economy, and Colonial Legacies

This book analyses the global diffusion of social policy as a process driven by multiplex ties between countries in global ...

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Official Statistics 4.0

Explores official statistics and their social function in modern societies. Digitisation and globalisation are creating completely ...

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The Palgrave Handbook of Family Policy

This handbook provides a multilevel view on family policies, combining insights on family policy outcomes at different levels ...

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The World of the Seafarer Qualitative Accounts of Working in the Global Shipping Industry

This book constitutes an ethnographic mosaic which depicts the contextual complexities of the life and work of seafarers ...

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Total Books: 1 - 19 /19