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Improving Inclusive Education through Universal Design for Learning

Publication year: 2021

ISBN: 978-3-030-80658-3

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Provides an analysis of how the educational strategy of Universal Design for Learning can stimulate the process of inclusive education in different educational-cultural contexts and different areas of the educational system. The findings of the research deepen the conception of inclusive education and present an analysis of factors that are significant for developing the educational system as well as providing evidence-based recommendations for educational practice. The research for this work was done in four European countries with various historical-cultural contexts: Lithuania and Poland underwent a transformation of the educational systems at the turning point in their political system, shifting from a strictly centralized Soviet policy to a liberal and democratic education system; Austria has experienced changes in social stratification and a need for cultural harmonisation arising from active national migration processes, whereas Finland has been gradually developing a socio-democratic model of national welfare.

Subject: Education, Education, general, International and Comparative Education, Educational Policy and Politics, Globalisation, Migration, Educational inclusion, Self-regulated learning, Neuroscience, Re-interpretation of inclusive education, Action research strategy, Modern School Education in Poland, Teaching-Learning Process, Polish language, mathematics and history teaching, Validation of the Action Research Model, Purposeful and Motivated Student, Knowledgeable and Resourceful Student, Pupil’s learning barriers, Strategic and Goal-Directed Student, Observation of the educational process