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Food Anxiety in Globalising Vietnam

Publication year: 2019

ISBN: 978-981-13-0743-0

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This book approaches the anxieties inherent in food consumption and production in Vietnam. The country’s rapid and recent economic integration into global agro-food systems and consumer markets spurred a new quality of food safety concerns, health issues and distrust in food distribution networks that have become increasingly obscured. This edited volume further puts the eating body centre stage by following how gendered body norms, food taboos, power structures and social differentiation shape people’s ambivalent relations with food. It uncovers Vietnam’s trajectories of agricultural modernisation against which consumers and producers manoeuvre amongst food self-sufficiency, security and abundance. It provides social science perspectives on anxieties related to food and surrounding discourses that travel between the local and the global, the individual and society and into the body. Therefore, the book’s lens of food anxiety matters for social theory and for understanding the embeddedness and discontinuities of food globalizations in Vietnam and beyond.

Subject: Social Sciences, Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, Cultural Anthropology, Human Geography, Development Studies, Food anxiety, Food studies, neoliberal market transformation, Body Politics of Food, Food and Society, Body and Consumption, Vietnam, culinary traditions in South-East Asia, globalisation of food, Ethical Eating, political economy of food, nutrition and lifestyle, Obesity, Vietnamese food, Vietnam’s Rice Self-Sufficiency Policy, Urban Gardening, Safe eating, Food Modernity in Vietnam