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A Problem-based Approach for Management Education

This book is designed to provide both novice and experienced users of PBL with resources for designing and implementing problem-based ...

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Accreditation and Evaluation in the European Higher Education Area

This volume presents a rich account of the development of accreditation and evaluation in 20 European countries. The authors ...

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Affect and Mathematics Education

This book, inspired by the ICME 13 topic study group “Affect, beliefs and identity in mathematics education”, presents ...

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Audacious Education Purposes How Governments Transform the Goals of Education Systems

This book offers a comparative study of eight ambitious national reforms that sought to create opportunities for students ...

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Becoming an Urban Physics and Math Teacher

What happens as beginning urban teachers transition through their first few years in the classroom? This book captures one ...

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Bridging Educational Leadership, Curriculum Theory and Didaktik

This book is open access under a CC BY 4.0 license. This volume argues for the need of a common ground that bridges leadership ...

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Citizenship Curriculum in Asia and the Pacific

Based on case studies of 11 societies in the world’s most dynamic region, this book signals a new direction of study at ...

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Collaborative Curriculum Design for Sustainable Innovation and Teacher Learning

This book provides insight into what it takes to actively involve teachers in the curriculum design process. It examines ...

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Comparative and Global Pedagogies : Equity, Access and Democracy in Education

This book critically examines equality, equity and democracy in education, globally as well as from various perspectives. ...

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Connecting Mathematics and Mathematics Education Collected Papers on Mathematics Education as a Design Science

This book features a selection of articles written by Erich Ch. Wittmann between 1984 to 2019, which shows how the “design ...

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Current and Future Perspectives of Ethnomathematics as a Program

This survey on the modernity of ethnomathematics addresses numerous themes related to both ethnomathematics and mathematics ...

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Demystifying Academic Writing : Genres, Moves, Skills, and Strategies / Zhihui Fang

Informative, insightful, and accessible, this book is designed to enhance the capacity of graduate and undergraduate students, ...

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Developing Students Statistical Reasoning : Connecting Research and Teaching Practice

This book is written for mathematics and statistics educators and researchers. It summarizes the research and highlights ...

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Discourse : A Concept for Information and Communication Sciences / Jean-Paul Metzger

This book examines discourse, an object of analysis and criticism, from a wide range of perspectives. Among the concepts ...

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Diversity and Inclusion in Global Higher Education Lessons from Across Asia

This book offers pioneering insights and practical methods for promoting diversity and inclusion in higher education classrooms ...

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Educating Students to Improve the World

This book addresses how to help students find purpose in a rapidly changing world. In a probing and visionary analysis of ...

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Education Outreach and Public Engagement

The programs, tools, and resources featured in this monograph will assist scientists and scientists-in-training in enhancing ...

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Education and Climate Change The Role of Universities

This book draws on a multidimensional model of educational change, the book reviews the field of climate change education ...

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Education for All and Multigrade Teaching

This book is based on original research on challenges and opportunities in Colombia, England, Ghana, Malawi, Nepal, Sri Lanka, ...

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Empowering Teachers to Build a Better World How Six Nations Support Teachers for 21st Century Education

This book presents a comparative study on how large-scale professional development programs for teachers are designed and ...

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Total Books: 1 - 20 /78