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Behavioural Research for Marketing : A Practitioner's Handbook / Julian Adams

Provides market researchers and marketeers with the tools to better understand human behaviour by drawing upon social science ...

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Brands and Consumers : A Research Overview / Jaywant Singh, Benedetta Crisafulli

This short-form book provides a comprehensive overview of research evidence on several core branding topics whilst acting ...

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Fashion Marketing in Emerging Economies Volume I : Brand, Consumer and Sustainability Perspectives / Frederica Brooksworth, Emmanuel Mogaji, Genevieve Bosah

Chapters explore core topics such as brand management, sustainability, digital marketing, analytics and data science. Covering ...

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Fashion Marketing in Emerging Economies Volume II : South American, Asian and African Perspectives / Frederica Brooksworth, Emmanuel Mogaji, Genevieve Bosah

Provides and sheds light on insights, challenges, and opportunities to support the development and economic growth of the ...

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Marketing and the Customer Value Chain : Integrating Marketing and Supply Chain Management / Thomas Fotiadis, Dimitris Folinas, Konstantinos Vasileiou, Aggeliki Konstantoglou

Offers a systemic approach to the integration of marketing and supply chain management. It examines the strategic connections ...

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Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) : Examining the Impact on Consumers and Marketing Strategies / Andrea Sestino, Gianluigi Guido

Focuses on the relevance of non-fungible token-based products in the current hyper-digitalized and hyper-connected world. ...

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Qualitative Marketing Research : Understanding Consumer Behaviour / Dominika Maison

A perfect guide to understanding the core principles of qualitative marketing research. It presents qualitative marketing ...

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The Theory of the Marketing Firm : Responding to the Imperatives of Consumer-orientation / Gordon R. Foxall

The marketing firm is that business organisation which responds to the imperatives of consumer-orientation. Its style of ...

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Total Books: 1 - 8 /8