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Rob Dekker’s (R)Evolution: Organizations and the Dynamics of the Environment investigates the possible changes needed ...

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50 Years of EU Economic Dynamics

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the European Union experts present their analyses of historical developments and ...

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A Contingency-Based View of Chief Executive Officers¿ Early Warning Behavior

Organizations need to identify risks and chances of environmental changes in order to adapt to or possibly even to influence ...

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A New Deal for an Effective European Research Policy

It underlines an important truth: that science has always advanced most rapidly when it is a collective endeavour, with a ...

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A Risk-Benefit Perspective on Early Customer Integration

Customer integration in the early innovation phase has been considered the method of choice in theory and practice. Growing ...

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A Stakeholder Rationale for Risk Management : Implications for Corporate Finance Decisions

Ordinarily, only the interests of shareholders, debtholders, and corporate management are taken into account when analyzing ...

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A Structural Framework for the Pricing of Corporate Securities

This book is the first comprehensive treatment, of structural credit risk models for the simultaneous and consistent pricing ...

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A Successful Transformation? : Restructuring of the Czech Automobile Industry

This book investigates the complex processes of the post-1990 transformation in the Czech automotive industry and its selective ...

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A Theory of Marketing

Marketing has become one of the most influential forces in contemporary market economies. Yet despite ubiquitous empirical ...

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A Trading Desk View of Market Quality

"Market quality" is a complex, ambiguous term that means different things to different people. How should it be defined, ...

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A Twenty-First Century Guide to Aldersonian Marketing Thought

The book has three major themes: glimpses into the kind of interesting character he was, key excerpts from his writings, ...

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AI Strategy for Sales and Marketing : Connecting Marketing, Sales and Customer Experience / Katie King

Presents a practical framework for strategically leveraging AI to boost sales, marketing and customer-centricity Showcases ...

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ARIS Design Platform

ARIS is ranked as the leading Business Process Modelling tool in the Gartner Quadrant for Business Process Analysis and Optimization. ...

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ARIS Design Platform : Getting Started with BPM

Containing tips, techniques and short cuts gained from practical experience, this book show how to use ARIS in an easy way, ...

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Accounting and Financial System Reform in Eastern Europe and Asia

Accounting and Financial System Reform in Eastern Europe and Asia is the second in a series to examine accounting and financial ...

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Accounting and Financial System Reform in a Transition Economy: A Case Study of Russia

Much has been written about the economic and political problems of countries that are in the process of changing from centrally ...

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Achievement Evaluation of IFI Assistance Loans to China (1981-2002)

This book represents the first comprehensive study done in China to evaluate the overall performance of IFI assistance to ...

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Active Labor Market Policies in Europe

Measures of Active Labor Market Policy - such as training, wage subsidies, public employment measures, and job search assistance ...

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Adaptive Information Systems and Modelling in Economics and Management Science

Learning and adaption are key features of "real economies". Studying interesting real phenomena like innovation, industry ...

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Adaptive Scalarization Methods in Multiobjective Optimization

This book presents new adaptive solution methods for multiobjective optimization problems based on parameter dependent scalarizations. ...

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Total Books: 1 - 20 /886