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AI and the Future of Banking / Tony Boobier

Across its entire breadth and depth, the banking industry is at the forefront of investigating Advanced Analytics and AI ...

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An Introduction to the Mathematics of Money

This is an undergraduate textbook on the basic aspects of personal savings and investing with a balanced mix of mathematical ...

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Bank Capital and Risk-Taking

The aim of this study is to contribute to this understanding by answering the following questions: How do banks adjust capital ...

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Banking Sector Liberalization in India

Banking Sector Liberalization in India explores in detail the changes in the Indian banking sector over the last 20 years, ...

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Banking for Family Business

Hints of globalization have actually been around for several decades, even though they made only a modest impact; however, ...

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Banks and Fintech on Platform Economies: Contextual and Conscious Banking / Paolo Sironi

In Banks and Fintech on Platform Economies: Contextual and Conscious Banking, accomplished fintech professional and author ...

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Challenges at the Bank for International Settlements

This book reveals, next to monetary policy and financial crisis, less well known topics such as insolvency, collective action ...

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Competition Policies in Emerging Economies

Do small developing economies, or SDEs, need a specific competition policy to create competitive markets? Against the backdrop ...

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Cooperative Sourcing

Based on the integration of relevant economic and organizational theories, Daniel Beimborn develops a formal model of cooperative ...

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Corporate Evaluation in the German Banking Sector

This book presents a new model to quantify the value of German banks. Finally, he offers solutions to the problem that banks ...

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Corporate and Investment Banking : Preparing for a Career in Sales, Trading, and Research in Global Markets / Fidelio Tata

Provides unique information to prepare graduates and newly hired corporate and investment banking professionals for a career ...

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Crypto Wars : Faked Deaths, Missing Billions and Industry Disruption / Erica Stanford

Unveils the biggest scams and frauds that have shocked the world of cryptocurrency, from the disappearing Crypto Queen with ...

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Crypto-Finance, Law and Regulation : Governing an Emerging Ecosystem / Joseph Lee

Explores the emergence of a decentralised and disintermediated crypto-market and investigates the way in which it can transform ...

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EU Accession - Financial Sector Opportunities and Challenges for Southeast Europe

A distinguished international group of central bankers, commercial bankers, entrepreneurs, academic advisors, policymakers, ...

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Economic Analysis of Information System Investment in Banking Industry

This is an academic book that explains in reahty, examines theoretically, and analyzes statistically information system investment ...

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Econophysics of Trade and Business Networks

This book reviews the current econophysics researches in the structure and functioning of these complex financial network ...

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Embedded Finance: When Payments Become An Experience / Scarlett Sieber, Sophie Guibaud

In Embedded Finance: When Payments Become An Experience, veteran growth strategists, entrepreneurs, and fintech disruptors ...

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Encyclopedia of Finance

The Encyclopedia of Finance, Second Edition, comprised of over 1000 individual definitions and chapters, is the most comprehensive ...

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Enterprise Applications and Services in the Finance Industry : 3rd International Workshop, FinanceCom 2007, Montreal, Canada, December 8, 2007. Revised Papers

This book constitutes the proceedings of the 4th International Workshop on Enterprise Applications and Services in the Finance ...

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Financial Cryptography and Data Security : 12th International Conference, FC 2008, Cozumel, Mexico, January 28-31, 2008. Revised Selected Papers

This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-conference proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Financial ...

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Total Books: 1 - 20 /64