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Corporate and Investment Banking : Preparing for a Career in Sales, Trading, and Research in Global Markets / Fidelio Tata

Publication year: 2020

ISBN: 978-3-030-44341-2

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Provides unique information to prepare graduates and newly hired corporate and investment banking professionals for a career in the global markets environment of large universal and international investment banks. It shows the interrelationship between the three specific business functions of sales, trading, and research, as well as the interaction with corporate and institutional clients. The book fills a gap in the available literature by linking financial market theory to the practical aspects of day-to-day operations on a trading floor and offers a taxonomy of the current banking business, providing an in-depth analysis of the main market participants in the global markets ecosystem. Engaging the reader with case studies, anecdotes, and industry color, the book addresses the risks and opportunities of the global markets business in today’s global financial markets both from a theoretical and from a practitioner’s perspective and focuses on the most important fixed-income financial instruments from a pricing, risk-management, and client-marketing perspective.

Subject: Financial Services, Capital Markets, Corporate Finance, Behavioral Finance, CIB, Investment banking, Trading, Sales, Research, Financial markets, A career in investment banking, A career in global markets, Corporate banking, Corporate and investment banking, Trading floor, Global markets, Training program, Global banks, Financial market theory, Behavioural finance, Risk management