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Crypto-Finance, Law and Regulation : Governing an Emerging Ecosystem / Joseph Lee

Publication year: 2022

ISBN: 9780367086619

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Explores the emergence of a decentralised and disintermediated crypto-market and investigates the way in which it can transform the financial markets. It examines three components of the financial market – technology, finance, and the law – and shows how their interrelationship dictates the structure of a crypto-market. It focuses on regulators’ enforcement policies and their jurisdiction over crypto-finance operators and participants. The book also discusses the latest developments in crypto-finance, and the advantages and disadvantages of crypto-currency as an alternative payment product. It also investigates how such a decentralised crypto-finance system can provide access to finance, promote a shared economy, and allow access to justice.

Subject: Banking & Finance Law, Regulation, Finance, Algorithms & Complexity, Artificial Intelligence, Evolutionary Computing, Legal, Ethical & Social Aspects of IT, IT & the Law, Banking, Technology, Governance