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Across the Sahara Tracks, Trade and Cross-Cultural Exchange in Libya

This book provides a multi-perspective approach to the caravan trade in the Sahara during the 19th century. Based on travelogues ...

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Africa-Europe Research and Innovation Cooperation

This edited volume is concerned with the evolution and achievements of cooperation in research and innovation between Africa ...

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African Cultural Astronomy : Current Archaeoastronomy and Ethnoastronomy research in Africa

Astronomy is the science of studying the sky using telescopes and light collectors such as photographic plates or CCD detectors. ...

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African Handbook of Climate Change Adaptation

discusses current thinking and presents the main issues and challenges associated with climate change in Africa. It introduces ...

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African Land Reform Under Economic Liberalisation : States, Chiefs, and Rural Communities

This book offers unique in-depth, comprehensive, and comparative analyses of the motivations, context, and outcomes of recent ...

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African Languages and Literatures in the 21st Century

Examines the crucial role still played by African languages in pedagogy and literatures in the 21st century, generating ...

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An Archaeology of Colonial Identity

This book is the based on the work of many people, and while I discuss many of them in the general context of this book in ...

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An Assessment Framework for Compliance with International Space Law and Norms

proposes a framework for assessing countries’ levels of compliance with international space law and norms. It begins by ...

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Anti-Microbial Resistance in Global Perspective

This book provides an accessible introduction to the mechanics of international development and global health text for policy-makers ...

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Applying the Kaizen in Africa

At present, how to develop industries is a burning issue in Africa, where population growth remains high and economic development ...

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Biodiversity of Angola

The book identifies Angola as one of the most biologically diverse countries in Africa, but notes that its fauna, flora, ...

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Biological Invasions in South Africa

This book presents a comprehensive account of all aspects of biological invasions in South Africa, where research has been ...

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Building a Resilient and Sustainable Agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa

What are the challenges and action points for agricultural sustainability in Sub-Saharan Africa? This collection of papers ...

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Climate Risk in Africa Adaptation and Resilience

This book highlights the complexities around making adaptation decisions and building resilience in the face of climate ...

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Climatic Changes and Water Resources in the Middle East and North Africa

The subject is described and discussed in three main chapters and different case studies.All topics in this book are complimentary ...

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Community Schools in Africa

Over the past decade, community schools similar to those supported by Save the Children have been established in many developing ...

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Conviviality at the Crossroads The Poetics and Politics of Everyday Encounters

Conviviality has lately become a catchword not only in academia but also among political activists. This open access book ...

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Data Collection in Fragile States Innovations from Africa and Beyond

This book addresses an urgent issue on which little organized information exists. It reflects experience in Africa but is ...

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Development Policies and Policy Processes in Africa

The book examines the methodological challenges in analyzing the effectiveness of development policies. It presents a selection ...

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Development, Sexual Cultural Practices and HIV/AIDS in Africa

This book introduces the theoretical frameworks and academic debates concerning sexual cultural practices and HIV/AIDS in ...

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Total Books: 1 - 20 /70