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African Languages and Literatures in the 21st Century

Publication year: 2020

ISBN: 978-3-030-23479-9

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Examines the crucial role still played by African languages in pedagogy and literatures in the 21st century, generating insights into how they effectively serve cultural needs across the African continent and beyond. Boldly positioning African languages as key resources in the 21st century, chapters focus on themes such as language revolt by marginalized groups at grassroots level, the experience of American students learning African languages, female empowerment through the use of African languages in music, film and literary works, and immigration issues. The contributions are written by scholars of language, literature, education and linguistics, and will be of interest to students and scholars in these and related areas. 

Subject: Social Sciences, globalization, neo-colonialism, African languages in education, language of instruction, vernacular education, multiculturalism, diaspora studies, African diaspora literature, linguistic commodification, service learning, Jolof rap music, Senegal, Nigeria, pedagogy, education policy, postcolonialism, Swahili, Kenya, Tanzania, African Languages, African Literature, African Culture, Multilingualism, Learning & Instruction, Language Policy and Planning