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Development, Sexual Cultural Practices and HIV/AIDS in Africa

Publication year: 2019

ISBN: 978-3-030-04119-9

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This book introduces the theoretical frameworks and academic debates concerning sexual cultural practices and HIV/AIDS in Africa. It shows how these frameworks have been applied in a practical sense in Africa to investigate sexual cultural practices and their link with HIV/AIDS. The author provides an overview of both the field of study and the methods used during fieldwork. Finally, it assesses the implications of the findings for the conceptualization and provision of current and future HIV/AIDS policies and programs in Africa. This monograph will appeal to policy makers and practitioners working in the field of HIV/AIDS in the Global South as well as academics and students.

Subject: Political Science and International Studies, Development and Health, African Politics, Development Policy, Regional Development, Development and Gender, HIV, AIDS in Malawi, Hyena Practice, International frameworks and HIV, AIDS, Public Health Malawi, Development in Malawi, South Africa, Uganda