Fitness Trainer

Fitness Trainer
The Arab International University announces its desire to provide its administrative staff, with a number of members of the administrative body in the Sports Complex, under the job title: Fitness Trainer
Job Requirements:
  1. Daily follow-up of the gym and fitness facilities.
  2. Help to include new users.
  3. Oversee general use and ensure proper use of equipment at all times.
  4. Assist youth in setting personal goals and developing fitness programs to support and motivate them.
  5. Dealing with potential risks and informing the sports complex manager.
  6. Act at all times in accordance with the policies and procedures of the sports complex.
ٌٌRequired conditions:
  • Holds a training certificate from the Syrian Arab Federation or its equivalent. 
  • Has experience of not less than 3 years in the field of specialization.
  • Full-time and able to withstand working pressure.
Applicants should send the CV attached with a cover letter to, using the following phrase as an email Subject (Job title and name in Arabic - PV10).

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