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Scientific Pharmaceutical Research and Competition : Between Doctors and Pharmacists رنيم الخاوندي ؛ رنيم علاء الدين ؛ نور السيد ؛ إشراف د. عبد الوهاب علاف

Publication year: 2022

ISBN: Ph00144

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The profession of pharmacist and pharmacology is a science that researches drugs, their properties, the composition of drugs and what is related to them.we will describe in our study the differences between the pharmacsit and Physicians,and how the pharmacsit outperforms the Physicians in many things, including pharmacology and presecbting. Pharmacists and physicians need to work together to provide pharmaceutical care, but differences in the ‘language’ of the two disciplines often impair this collaboration. Pharmacy students have a better knowledge of basic pharmacology, but not of the application of pharmacology knowledge, than medical students, whereas medical students are better at writing prescriptions.

Subject: Pharmacist, Doctor, Pharmaceutical care, Primary health care, Pharmaceutical research, Curriculum, Research design, Pharmaceutical preparations, Arab world, Education, Pharmacy, Students, pharmacy, pharmacology, pharmacotherapy