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2050 China Becoming a Great Modern Socialist Country

This book is arranged and developed around the theme of “2050 China,” it analyzes the factors and advantages of the Chinese ...

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A City in Blue and Green

Highlights Singapore’s development into a city in which water and greenery, along with associated environmental, technical, ...

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A Sea Change: The Exclusive Economic Zone and Governance Institutions for Living Marine Resources

A Sea Change in a Changing Sea The oceans, seas and coastal areas encompass over 70% of the earth’s surface. They are a ...

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Accounting and Financial System Reform in a Transition Economy: A Case Study of Russia

Much has been written about the economic and political problems of countries that are in the process of changing from centrally ...

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Adaptive Strategies for Water Heritage Past, Present and Future

This book, building on research initiated by scholars from the Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Centre for Global Heritage and Development ...

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Adaptive and Integrated Water Management : Coping with Complexity and Uncertainty

The volume includes selected contributions on conceptual and methodological innovations and empirical insights from case ...

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African Land Reform Under Economic Liberalisation : States, Chiefs, and Rural Communities

This book offers unique in-depth, comprehensive, and comparative analyses of the motivations, context, and outcomes of recent ...

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Agroecological Transitions: From Theory to Practice in Local Participatory Design

There is wide agreement on the need to change the prevalent agricultural models, given their negative impacts and their incompatibility ...

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Applied Remote Sensing for Urban Planning, Governance and Sustainability

Despite the promising and exciting possibilities presented by new and fast-developing remote sensing technologies applied ...

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Aquaculture Perspective of Multi-Use Sites in the Open Ocean

This volume addresses the potential for combining large-scale marine aquaculture of macroalgae, molluscs, crustaceans, and ...

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Artificial Intelligence and COVID Effect on Accounting / Bahaaeddin Alareeni, Allam Hamdan

This book considers the effects of COVID-19 on accounting, particularly with regard to the role of artificial intelligence ...

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Asia-Pacific Fishing Livelihoods

Where fishing livelihoods come from and where they are going are simple questions with no simple answers. Using examples ...

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Basic Science Techniques in Clinical Practice

Medical researchers including doctors, nurses, medical students and allied health professionals are required to undertake ...

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Between Mobility and Migration

This open access book offers a critical perspective on intra-European mobility and migration by using new empirical data ...

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Biosurveillance and Biosecurity : International Workshop, BioSecure 2008, Raleigh, NC, USA, December 2, 2008. Proceedings

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the International Workshop on Biosurveillance and Biosecurity, BioSecure ...

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Building an Enterprise Architecture Practice

This book clearly describes how to establish an architecture practice that delivers value for an organization. The authors ...

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Building the Inclusive City Governance, Access, and the Urban Transformation of Dubai

This book is an anthropological urban study of the Emirate of Dubai, its institutions, and their evolution. It provides ...

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Challenges at the Bank for International Settlements

This book reveals, next to monetary policy and financial crisis, less well known topics such as insolvency, collective action ...

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China's Energy Revolution in the Context of the Global Energy Transition

This book is an encyclopaedic analysis of the current and future energy system of the world’s most populous country and ...

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Civil Engineering for Disaster Risk Reduction / Sreevalsa Kolathayar, Indrajit Pal, Siau Chen Chian, Arpita Mondal

Brings together all diverse disciplines of civil engineering and related areas (for example, geotechnical engineering, water ...

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Total Books: 1 - 20 /228