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Actin-Binding Proteins and Disease

This volume, written by experts in the field, is the first to deal with the relationship between human disease and the actin ...

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Adhesion Molecules: Function and Inhibition

Inflammatory cell recruitment requires the concerted action of at least five major sets of adhesion molecules: integrins, ...

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Advances in Molecular Oncology

Proceedings of the 2nd Annual IFOM-IEO Meeting on Cancer. This is a new meeting, it has about 200 attendees from Australia, ...

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AiREAS: Sustainocracy for a Healthy City : The Invisible made Visible Phase 1

This book describes the coming about and first results of the AiREAS "healthy city" cooperative in the city of Eindhoven ...

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Applied Demography in the 21st Century : Selected Papers from the Biennial Conference on Applied Demography, San Antonio, Texas, January 7–9, 2007

The work contains chapters on several major topical areas that are central to applied demography including works on data ...

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Asylum Determination in Europe

The book includes a legal overview of European asylum determination procedures, followed by sections on the diverse actors ...

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Asylum Matters On the Front Line of Administrative Decision-Making

This book examines everyday practices in an asylum administration. Asylum decisions are often criticised as being ‘subjective’ ...

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Between Mobility and Migration

This open access book offers a critical perspective on intra-European mobility and migration by using new empirical data ...

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Bird Species

The average person can name more bird species than they think, but do we really know what a bird “species” is? This open ...

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Borders, Mobility and Technologies of Control

Borders, Mobility and Technologies of Control provides a model of criminological inquiry that is global in scope, constructionist ...

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Cell Adhesion and Cytoskeletal Molecules in Metastasis

In this volume, the expression of specific adhesion molecules within human cancer tissues are highlighted. The expression ...

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Charge Migration in DNA

Charge migration through DNA has been the focus of considerable interest in recent years. A deeper understanding of the nature ...

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Chemokine Biology - Basic Research and Clinical Application

The discovery of interleukin-8 close to 20 years ago initiated a new field of research touching on many aspects of immunology ...

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Children and Peace From Research to Action

This book's multi-layered emphasis on context, structural determinants of peace and conflict, and use of research for action ...

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Circular Migration and the Rights of Migrant Workers in Central and Eastern Europe The EU Promise of a Triple Win Solution

This book adopts a rights-based approach to shed light on the different legal and policy instruments that have been developed ...

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Cities between Competitiveness and Cohesion : Discourses, Realities and Implementation

The book shows that spatial and urban policy continues to be a key site of policy intervention and experimentation. Different ...

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Climate Change and Community Resilience : Insights from South Asia

This book documents myriads of ways community-based climate change adaptation and resilience programs are being implemented ...

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Colloidal Transport in Porous Media

Colloids are known to be the often neglected phase for the transport of pollutants in aquatic ecosystems. The book covers ...

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Coming to Terms with Superdiversity

This book discusses Rotterdam as clear example of a superdiverse city that is only reluctantly coming to terms with this ...

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Conceptual Ecology and Invasion Biology: Reciprocal Approaches to Nature

In this edited volume, global experts in ecology and evolutionary biology explore how theories in ecology elucidate the invasion ...

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Total Books: 1 - 20 /131