Training & Career Development Center

 Motto: Think right, be bright, initiate and improve.

Values: Teamwork, vocationalism, respect, commitment and quality.


The Career Development Centre (CDC) at Arab International University (AIU), was incorporated at the beginning of 2008, and was entrusted to preparing an internal training program for students of the Business Administration faculty, this program soon after expanded to include all the faculties in AIU.

At the beginning of 2010, the department’s mission extended to provide other student- services such as qualifying them to enter the labor market will full potential, this was done by establishing strong bonds between AIU and the community workforce.


CDC works on acquiring the university a more enhanced value that certainly gets them ahead of the game with competitors. Furthermore, it forms a focal point for communication and interaction between the faculty, its students and its postgraduates from one side, and the labor market from the other in order to develop students’ performance and professionality levels.


  1. Supplying students and post graduates in AIU with the necessary resources, programs and services that aim to develop their future job performance locally and nationally. It also works on bridging the gap between their academic knowledge and professional implementation.
  2. Keeping in touch with AIU post graduates in order to exchange information to benefit both them and students within the
  3. Organizing training sessions to improve work performance according to their job requirements.


  1. To establish training opportunities for students within the workforce community in order to help them build new skills and acquire practical experience.
  2. Supplying companies with highly qualified AIU personnel.
  3. Supporting students through continuous vocational guidance.
  4. Continues interaction with post graduates through the alumni unit.
  5. Helping alumni find and acquire appropriate jobs.
  6. Attaining continuous interaction with companies in the labor market.
  7. Enriching students’ experience through encouraging them to take part in organizing various activities inside and outside


CDC includes the following units:

-The training unit

-Supporting activities unit

-Postgraduate unit.