Research & Development

Deanship of Research and graduate Studies

Arab International University follows the European model that emphasizes teaching, research, and interdisciplinary graduate education.
Students are encouraged to ask questions and open up to new horizons, with an emphasis on their ability to integrate knowledge. The answers can be multifaceted, the solutions will come out of interdisciplinary, cross-culture dialogue.
International partners pose an opportunity for new thoughts, new frontiers, and new discoveries. All three of these factors stimulate cutting edge research and enforce high quality teaching at the AIU.
Scholars at the AIU have the opportunity to participate in:

  • Collegiate research projects.
  • Summer School & introductory courses for international graduate and postgraduate studies.
  • Diploma, Masters and PhD courses with the international partner universities of the AIU.

Every faculty at the university performs at least one research project, which is approved by the University Council. Once finished, the project is evaluated and published to wider university audiences.
Faculty research projects and publications will be evaluated annually, and summoned up to the AIU’s Annual Research Report.

research & development