Presented Documents

 ِArab International University grants students the following documents:

  1. A graduation document in both Arabic and English
  2. A copy of the graduation document.
  3. A document of the student’s university-life and attendance at AIU.
  4. A document of the students’ military postponement (for male students).
  5. A document of the student’s registration and proof of time.
  6. A document of the student’ study postponement.
  7. A document of the student’s study status at the university.
  8. A document showing that the student has completed his/her study hours successfully.
  9. University dependent verification document (in both English and Arabic).
  10. A report on students’ excellence in study performance (in both English and Arabic).
  11. A transcript for all the study courses attended by the student at AIU (in both English and Arabic).
  12. A document of completing all levels of English improving lessons.
  13. Other documents needed by the student (for whoever It may concern).