AIU - Board of Trustees Message

Over the past decade, Arab International University (AIU) has proved its ability to serve as a civilized, cultural and scientific edifice distinguished by its broad horizons. It considers knowledge as well as culture, aspects that should be a main part of life. AIU believes that all nations should work on enriching and developing these aspects to further benefit from its outcomes and resources.

AIU, which was constructed on a land of multi-historical relations, has scientific partnerships with other European universities. We seek to adopt modern sciences through embracing and accepting Syrian experts living abroad as well as sharing our studies and making use of curriculums and modern scientific methods.
AIU will certainly remain a university of Arabic culture. We wish to reinforce our students' bonds with their homeland and enable them to develop their country with the knowledge provided to them by AIU as well as helping them benefit from all global scientific fields without letting them fall into the tunnel of cultural "alienation".

Our university is marked by its ability to link its national roots with global scientific and cultural cooperation, it is further distinguished by its ability to combine self-reliance with international cooperation while creating initiatives and boosting students’ potentials. AIU keeps in mind future logic and seeks to acquire the capability of continuous progression, and so it strives to shape the future with its devotion to science and knowledge and hence, creating job opportunities for its students.

We are honored to have recruited professors with excellent teaching abilities who have devoted their time for the sake of science. Our professors treat students with mutual respect and consider them family. AIU is very keen on providing students with all the knowledge, science and skills they need to thrive in this community.

We wish AIU constant progression and success so it will in turn guide our students to achieving their farthest ambitions.



Chairman of the Board of Trustees Speech

          Professor Dr. Moh. Alimadi