AIU - Board of Directors Message

Dear Students,

Welcome to Arab International University!

 The establishment of this university has come as a crowning achievement of permanent efforts exerted to provide a variety of science and knowledge for our fellow Syrian youths wherever they may be. We base our endeavors according to the philosophical quote: “Knowledge is power”, bearing in mind our lofty goal of making AIU, the center of educational attraction and hence drawing in competent and skilled individuals from all over the world. AIU provides opportunities and welcomes students who hope to acquire an academic scientific degree and stay up-to-date with new and different fields of science. 
We help prepare generations of talented youths and reinforce their creative abilities as well as their academic and scientific skills to build and support their community while preserving its identity and heritage.
AIU, with its diverse faculties, is considered to be one of the finest universities in all of Syria. AIU aims to become the center of excellence. It is supplied with high-tech equipment and other essential facilities that help students produce outstanding work performance and presentation.

We call on our professors, scientists and researchers to roll up their sleeves and undertake the mission of providing a vibrant intellectual environment that best benefit our ambitious and talented students. Our university aims to prepare, through its academic advisory system, a new generation of scientists and researchers who, in future, will be distinguished by their systematic and creative work that, in turn will benefit the society.

Obtaining an academic science degree is not a luxury, it requires commitment to all the enlightening values and undying motivation. AIU builds self-reliant students with the ability to pursue their dreams and achieve their farthest ambitions.

Finally, we would like to praise the efforts exerted by AIU’s university council, its management and its academic staff. We would like to thank them for the great achievements we have reached in AIU, especially in cooperative scientific agreements. We would also like to offer students our full support and wish them the best of luck in everything they do, and we hope AIU, becomes a beacon of hope for anyone and everyone aspiring to achieve their goals and follow their dreams.



President of Board of Directors

     ARCH. Mohsen Maksood