AIU- Information Technology

The Directorate of Information Technology at the Arab International University (AIU) provides technical support and services to all the University colleges to support the process of teaching, learning, scientific research and administrative work, through a group of engineers and technicians, experts and specialists in the software industry, computer network development and information systems.
The Directorate is also planning short and long-term technical infrastructure in order to support the current and future requirements of students, academics and employees
Among the most important tasks of the Directorate:
1- Using technology and information technology to increase educational and academic performance.
2- Providing technical support for computers and peripherals.
3- Developing and expanding the computer network and telephones, supervising their performance, increasing their speed, and securing the e-mail service for students, academic and administrative staff.
4- Working on developing the infrastructure and software for the university to achieve the best of what modern technology has reached in the service of education.
5- Working to develop a complete information system for administrative and academic tasks and work at the university.
6- Providing the computer services needed for university students and faculty and administrative members to provide and maintain modern equipment and develop operating systems and attached programs