University Location & Infrastructure

Arab International University:
The Arab International University AIU is a private Syrian university established according to Republican Decree 193 issued on 6-5-2005. Academic plans and documents issued by it are approved and certified by the Ministry of Higher Education in the Syrian Arab Republic.

The university is located on the international highway between Damascus and Daraa (Ghabagheb), 35 km from Damascus.

 The university campus includes multiple blocks of buildings with a floor area of approximately (100,000) square meters, serving educational, applied and administrative purposes surrounded by gardens and open spaces with an area of (300,000) square meters, in addition to a covered sports hall with an area of (11,000) square meters, and a group of open fields for different balls games.

 The total area of the campus land (713,395) square meters, and the total area currently invested from does not exceed (350,000) square meters.