AIU- Services Directorate

The Directorate of Services at the Arab International University (AIU) provides services directly related to students at the university providing them with the basic needs that help them in their university life, such as transportation to and from the university, supervising reception and guarding tasks, organizing cleaning tasks, sterilization operations, cleaners and supervising university housing, This directorate consists of several departments:

  • Transportation Department:

The university contracted with a transportation company to provide a fleet of modern buses that transport students to and from the university over the period from morning until the end of the working day.

The transportation supervisor ensures the necessary coordination with students and with company officials to provide the best services for the benefit of students.

With the presence of several vehicles for the university, it supplies the fleet of buses, as it serves the university requirements of purchases and other cases. An ambulance equipped with everything necessary for the safety of students transports cases to the medical clinic at the university and to hospitals in cases of necessity.

  • Reception Department:

The reception department supervises the follow-up to the reception and guarding personnel, where the number of the personnel exceeds more than / 55 / . They secure guarding over a period of 24 hours. The task of the reception staff within the colleges is the following:

Providing all types of assistance to students during working hours.

Control all violations and refer them to the university presidency.

The university also contracted with a private guard company to secure the university's surroundings from outsiders from outside the university, and the reception department also follows-up and supervises the company and its elements.

  • Cleaning Department:

The university has appointed a huge cadre exceeding / 75 / workers to follow up hygiene matters in the university (bathrooms - classrooms - squares) where hygiene supervisors carry out the daily follow-up. The university provides hygiene materials (soap - sterilizers) and everything necessary for cleaning and the students need in a continuous manner.

The Directorate also provides regular workers who work within the university to serve colleges and carry out all service work such as transportation (furniture -  stationery)

  • University Housing Department:

The university has rented a building in Ashrafieh Sehnaya, and it has been converted into a university residence to serve male and female students from outside the governorate. The Services Directorate supervises the follow-up of the university housing and serves the students residing in it with all they need

Phone numbers.

 Services Directorate 0930400046

 Reception Department:     930400043

Housing supervisor: 0930400035

Landline extension: 198-291