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Value Creation in Leveraged Buyouts

Publication year: 2006

ISBN: 978-3-8350-9329-4

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Over the last years, buyout activity has risen dramatically - especially in Europe - sparking intense public discussion about financial investors' role and the value they can add to companies and the overall economy.Using quantitative analysis, he shows that various exogenous factors with respect to timing, industry, public market as well as deal specific factors can statistically be related to a buyout deal's performance. It also provides evidence of a "GP effect" in leveraged buyouts, i.e. that certain characteristics of a Private Equity firm and its investment professionals as well as a firm's buyout strategy approach and certain buyout target characteristics are important success factors.

Subject: Business and Economics, Buyout, Finance, Investment, LBO, Private Equity, Risikokapital, Wertschöpfung, corporate finance, strategy