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Information Systems Outsourcing

Publication year: 2006

ISBN: 978-3-540-34877-1

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This book deals with enduring themes, new perspectives, and global challenges. In addition to classical themes like Sourcing Determinants (Part I), Relationship Aspects (Part II), and Experiences (Part III), we felt it worthwhile to add three new parts. They cover information systems outsourcing from a Vendor and Individual Perspective (Part IV), Application Service Providing (Part V) as well as Offshoring and Global Outsoucing (Part VI). Again we have thoughtfully tried to arrange a compilation of contemporary outsourcing research as a primer and a platform for scientific discourse

Subject: Business and Economics, IT governance, Information Technology (IT), Insourcing, Manager, Offshore, Outsourcing, business, business process, calculus, development, information system, knowledge management, management, strategy, web service